Most people want to know what a job will cost before they book a tradesmen. We understand this so we aim to fix the price for you as quickly as we can. It’s easy to presume two similar jobs will cost the same. However, specific details mean the amount of time they take to complete can differ. A fixed price to carry out most jobs can only be given once an expert has got their eyes on it and assessed it in detail. Our pricing varies depending on the type of work and help you need.

We then offer two pricing options.

When a tradesman has to visually assess the task before they start work on it. Typically for jobs less than 8-hours.

Examples include:

– Unblocking a toilet
– Clearing guttering
– Replacing an electrical socket
– Repair a broken window

Time on site

When we know the scope of work before a tradesman arrives on site. The time the job takes won’t change the price.

We then can provide a fixed price before work is started.

Examples include:

– Fittings
– Decorating room
– Renovation of a property
– Refurbishment projects

Set price job

We’re ready to help with whatever you need. We can answer your questions, give helpful advice and schedule a tradesman or estimator to visit you.

Similarly, if you need a tradesman urgently please call on 020 3536 0911 or email us at

No hidden extras

  • Experienced & vetted tradesmen

  • Early mornings & late evenings availability for most of the trades

  • Dedicated Service Support Team

  • A&D CHELSEA Guarantee on workmanship

  • Peace of mind from the start

What you get from A&D CHELSEA

  • Parts and materials used if not supplied by you

  • Collection of parts and materials

Occasional extra costs

  • Parking cost

  • Fuel or travel time

  • Congestion Charge

We won’t charge you for:


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